Birthday Card Designing Software

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Create stunning birthday cards and get them printed in variety of formats mainly including kids birthday cards, adults birthdays cards and many more with simplified birthday card creator software. Extraordinary birthday card maker tool can design different type of birthday cards for everyone at any time. Birthday card designer utility provides best way to create nice looking birthday cards in different shapes, sizes with best image color options fulfilling every aspect of user needs.

Brilliant to use birthday card creator software uses various designing tools like line, rectangle along with photo addition facility to devise attractive happy birthday cards in simple countable steps. Card designing software is the great utility to produce personalized birthdays cards in different shapes like rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle.

Birthday Card Maker Software Screenshots

Design Birthday Invitation

Select any one option from Design Birthday Invitation or Design Birthday Greeting then click on Next.

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Template Preview

To design Birthday Card Specify the Type of Fold and Shape of Label then click Next.

Card Details

Now design the Front side of the card by entering the details, you can also change the font setting and color setting of the card then click Finish.

Background Property

Click on Back to design the back side of the Birthday Card then click on Background Property to set the shape of Label and background effects.

Rectangle Property

Click on Rectangle Property and change the color effects of the birthday card. You can also add Shapes according to your need.

Print Preview

Click on Print icon to print the designed card and set the Print Properties as per needs.

Software Features :

  • Versatile birthday card maker software can design printable birthday cards in simplified way.
  • Highly reliable birthday card generating program helps user to formulate birthday cards in different shapes and sizes.
  • Allows user to print designed birthday cards using standard printing settings.
  • Provides inbuilt color and background settings for creating colorful and good-looking birthday cards.
  • Birthday cards software is enclosed with the different image designing tools that assists user to design customized birthday cards.

Advantages of the Software :

  • Birthday card designer software saves your valuable time and money from purchasing expensive birthday cards from the market.
  • Inexpensive and secure compared to other complicated birthday card maker software.